It is with the greatest pleasure of delight to welcome you to the website of Business 4 the King Ministry i present  myself as an ambassador of the Gospel of Jesus Christ singing inspirational songs to glorify God.
​May these songs draw you into the inner court of God’s presence, with the beauty of His awesome Presence, where you will be soothed, uplifted and encouraged. Singing was originated in heaven.
Business 4 the King Ministry is a faith based organization that looks to bring together other like-minded individuals.
​Business 4 the King Ministry promotes an environment where a person can realize that human needs not only material goods but also spiritual activity.
I provide members with a place where they can worship together and have positive influence in the community.
I am free to sing when ever and where ever anyone needing me to sing such as Weddings, Funerals, Hospitals, Seniors Homes, etc.....​​​

​​​Business 4 the King Ministry is a congregation rooted in the love of God and dedicated to worldwide transformation through revival. It is My goal for God's love to be manifest in signs, wonders and miracles as well as practical demonstrations of care and affection.
The atmosphere at Business 4 the King Ministry is charged with faith and exuberant joy, which manifests in all that i do.
I believe that we are on the edge of the greatest revival of all time. It is My vision to see history become His-story as the kingdom of this world becomes the kingdom of our God.
I welcome you to join me in this adventure!

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